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July 13th, 2018: Parts of a PC
Another new section: Parts of a Personal Computer, which was my image map project for my Web Design I class.

Wow, two in one day? I might have to start putting these on a seperate page at this rate!

July 13th, 2018: CPUs
Added a new section of the website: "The CPU: A Technological Marvel"
July 11th, 2018: The News Update
I added this little news section. More news to come in the future, I guess.

My Things:

The CPU: A Technological Marvel
This was my final project for my Web Design I class, where we needed to pick a subject and make a website about it, presented here in a slightly modified form to remove unneeded elements. My teacher really liked it, she gave a 136 out of 135.
The First HTML I Ever Wrote
The very first HTML I ever wrote, written on July 30th 2011... with its garish yellow-on-magenta color scheme and its depreciated marquee tag... Jeez.
Parts of a Personal Computer
My image map project I made for my web design class in school. My teacher also really liked it. The only modifications here were to remove my real name, and crosslink to my thing about CPUs.
TBG Forums - Frequently Asked Questions for New TBGers
Have any questions about the TBG Forums? This is a FAQ page for new users.

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